Rabilargo`s Eloy European Champion in Lure Coursing 2021

Caritas Palesio Ojoghina at the European Championship in Lure Coursing, at Ronostrand Netherlands October 2021

Incali Spirit Anarosa at the European Championship in Lure Coursing at Ronostrand Netherlands 2021

We will mate Sire Eikica Warlord Wade to Lady Three Little Birds` D´Vilma in April 2022, and hopefully we have puppies around June 2022
By interest, contact us at Telephone 0045 20575516 or 0045 61788022

Eikica Warlord Wade

Three Little Birds D`Vilma

DKK certified breeder of Irish Wolfhound, Galgo Espanol and Barzoi

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Kennel Sagas Gentle Giants

Caritas Palesio Ojoghina

Magh Itha`s Belinda

Magh Itha`s Belinda

Rabilargo`s Eloy

Caritas Palesio Ojoghina Gelsenkirchen 2019

Kasjopea Flegeton Spring 2020

Rabilargo`s Eloy spring 2019